About Privacy Policy

Regarding privacy, I shall be straight forward and brief…

The sanctity of privacy.

I do not share or sell the names, email or IP addresses or other contact information of members or readers. In exchange for doing so, there is an implied obligation of mutual reciprocity. Therefore, please do not sign me up for subscriptions I did not request, regardless of how much you think it may benefit me.

Periodic updates or contacts with members and readers.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to update members and readers on administrative or subscription service issues. I do not anticipate this occurring with any regularity or frequency. In fact, I would be surprised if it were to occur more than three times per year, if at all.

Comments and other posted information.

Readers who submit comments or post other information at this site should be aware that they are voluntarily placing themselves in the public domain and, by doing so, are implicitly granting permissive right to use it, in perpetuity.


Access to some information at this site may require cookies and therefore I will use them. On other occasions, advertisers and sponsors (which I currently do not use but reserve the right and discretion to do so) may also use cookies without my awareness of the manner in which they are being used. You, as the end user, may be able to block or delete such cookies or simply refuse to access this site, if you choose to do so.

Legal Compliance.

While your information is regarded as confidential and treated as such, under certain circumstances, this site may be forced to comply with a valid subpoena from legitimate law enforcement agencies and/or courts of law and relinquish this information.

Rights to change or revise policy.

This site reserves the right to change or modify the above privacy policy at any point in the future and also without prior notification.

Thank you…