About J Clinton Hill


J Clinton Hill
Capital Markets Strategist & Investment Analyst

Levering technical and data analytic skills to broad capital markets experience and in-depth understanding of macro-economic business cycles, I provide clients with granular quality details as well as strategic and outside-the-box actionable investment ideas and insights yet to be unlocked by market participants. My work results are concisely written reports with intuitively graphic and visual summaries which enable interested parties to efficiently connect the dots between complicated or immense volumes of data and essential information.

Professional Background & Profile

What I Do and Why?

I provide buy side research services on alternative investment ideas that combine proprietary timing analytics with consideration to economic, fundamental, quantitative and qualitative analysis to help investors generate competitive returns and stay informed of ongoing and developing market trends. Research efforts are focused on strategic and tactical allocations in investment vehicles representing major themes, asset classes and sectors with asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities

My Typical Clients Are …

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Individual Self-Directed Investors
  • Private Family Offices
  • Business Owners

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