About Investment Philosophy & Process


My investment philosophy and process are modeled on multi-disciplinary analyses which include, but are not limited to, the following key components:


Each is continually evaluated and assigned a proprietary weight that is dynamically based on whichever phase of the economic business cycle is current.


In addition, other considerations in this investment process are: 

  • Game Theory
  • Probability
  • Physics

However, most important is a qualitative synthesis of my interpretation of these inputs.


The premise of this model is that capital markets are a closed end system comprised of core asset classes or stores of value of which there are six: equities, fixed income, cash/currencies, commodities, real estate, and some aspects of fine art. Each asset class may contain subsets of sectors or industries or securities which mimic or represent a capital market investment theme. Proprietary historical analysis and empirical evidence support that capital rotations occur within these markets based on cyclical and secular cycles as well as human behavioral patterns and demographic stress points.


The objective mission is to determine or anticipate the flow of capital throughout the markets and share our observations and analysis via concise buy side research that helps clients to efficiently navigate the market direction and allocate their capital toward assets which provide long, short or market-neutral exposure to capital market investment themes with potentially favorable risk-to-reward opportunities.