Investment Research

Providing decision support research that combines proprietary timing analytics with economic and fundamental analysis to help investors stay informed of alternative insights as well as ongoing and developing market trends and investment themes. Research efforts are focused on strategic or tactical allocations in investment vehicles that represent major asset classes and sectors with asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities☛ Learn More…

White Papers

Periodically, special studies are conducted on topics which may impact markets over secular or cyclical time frames. Because of their in-depth analysis and objective detailed nature, these reports are offered as a la carte premium services and priced accordingly. This allows flexibility to cover other equally or more important issues that might not bear relevance to other research services preferred by subscriber clients. ☛ Learn More…

Portfolio Consultation

Bespoke consultations are limited and available on a per contract or retainer basis. The scope of these services may include, but are not limited to, asset allocation, market timing analysis, advanced options strategies and trades, portfolio hedging and risk management, and securities analysis. The primary purpose is to assist clients in identifying investment goals and modeling investment plans that effectively guide them to reach their objectives and goals. ☛ Learn More… 

Business Profile and Philosophy

Based in richly diverse Los Angeles, CA, but with a deeply rooted network in Asia due to extensive career experience, I have developed a keen business acumen and appreciation for growth opportunities and cultural nuances associated with investment finance and global markets. With this knowledge, I am able to help clients identify investment strategies and assist them directly or indirectly with management of their assets.

This is mostly performed via consulting and advisory research services which incorporate a rigorous multi-disciplined approach of quantitative, technical, fundamental and qualitative analysis of the capital markets derived from Futures, Options, Indexes, Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. A significant portion of clients represent professional investors, family offices and serious self-directed individual investors.

When it comes to service, two quotes embody my philosophy and commitment to professional relationships:

#1) “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

Common challenges are shared in the financial world of investments and business, but common solutions or approaches may not always be appropriate.

My job is to research unique perspectives and deliver alternative sound ideas which provide a competitive edge in terms of performance and risk-vs-reward. Most important is adding value with cost-effective, efficient and concise analysis that saves time and enables clients to focus more on developing business, expanding their own research efforts or, even better, having personal time for the people and things that truly matter in life.  

#2) “The difference between being good and being great is a little extra effort.” – Football Coach Tom Mach (Detroit Catholic Central H.S.) 

Thorough due diligence involves listening to the markets and ignoring the noise, asking intelligent questions, and being constantly present to observe and evaluate subtleties in price-volume analysis or inter-market analysis and it is what I do.

Results oriented without compromising quality and standards is what it’s all about…

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